Publication: I.M. Boothroyd et al. (2016) Assessing the fugitive emission of CH4 via migration along fault zones – Comparing potential shale gas basins to non-shale basins in the UK

  • DECEMBER 2017
Recommendations on environmental monitoring

Environmental monitoring for shale gas

Recommendations on risk assessment of impacts on groundwater

Impacts of fracking fluids on drinking water resources and quality

Review of water management related to shale gas activities

Improving water management in shale gas operations

Sustainable management of water in shale gas operations

Sustainable water and wastewater management

Characteristics and harmfulness of fracturing fluids and flowback water

Recommendations for liquid waste management in shale gas operations

Composition and management of waste from shale gas operations

Chemical process simulation of flowback water composition

Recommendations on flowback water composition

Simulating compounds in flowback water

Mitigating impacts infrastructure and transport on habitat

EU-based model of traffic related impacts

Well site infrastructure and transport

Impact of well site infrastructure and transport

Risks and impacts of surface shale gas operations

Environmental footprint of surface shale gas

  • JUNE 2017

Seepage shale gas waste in different geological conditions

Minimizing pollution risks from drilling and production

  • FEBRUARY 2017

Sustainable alternatives for water management

Literature review concerning drilling materials and management of wastes

  • SEPTEMBER 2016

Stakeholders views on monitoring groundwater and soils

Handling fracking fluids and flowback for shale gas

Harmfulness of flowback water and wastes relevant to shale gas operations

Simulation of flowback water composition in lab experiments

  • JUNE 2016

Spills and leaks from normal shale gas operations

  • APRIL 2016

Review of data and best practices of surface operations related to shale gas in the USA, Canada and Europe

European soil and water monitoring systems

  • NOVEMBER 2015

Risk assessment of impacts on groundwater

Review of water management related to shale gas activities

Composition of operational fluids in hydraulic fracturing

Well site infrastructur