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  • 10-2017 M4ShaleGas Final Conference
  • Bradshaw - Public Understandings of the Environmental and Social Impact of Shale Gas Development

    Clancy et al. - The potential for spills of contaminated liquids from infrastructure associated with shale gas

    Cuss et al. - Lithological controls on hydraulic fracturing

    Fajfer et al. - Waste management as a tool for water and soil risk minimization

    Francu et al. - Mineralogical and geochemical controls of the compound mobility from rock to formation water

    Gajec et al. - Proper management of waste during exploitation and exploration of unconventional hydrocarbons

    Goodman et al. - A model to investigate the environmental impacts of transport operations

    Lipinska et al. - Shale Gas Technology and how it affects investigation and measurements

    Porter et al. - Addressing the risks of induced seismicity in sub-surface energy operations

    TerHeege - Inventory of quantified risks and impacts of shale gas exploration and exploitation

    Torsater et al. - Ensuring integrity of shale gas wells in Europe